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As a city, we are facing new challenges that require a fresh perspective with an emphasis on helping every resident of San Rafael. I will focus on finding equitable and sustainable solutions to the challenges our community faces. I am running for City Council to put my expertise to use in service of everyone.

Equity in our Community

We have a division of those who have and those who do not. For our who community to grow and thrive we need to support everyone. Housing, food, access to transportation, access to technology. Educational opportunity is a basic right for every student. This includes all levels of education including technical schools, vocational education, and community college.

I will

  • Lead our community as an advocate for the basic health and human services.
  • Work for funding to increase mental health services and professionals in schools.

Access to Healthcare & Mental Health Services

I will

  • Promote the need for healthcare for all. Today it is not affordable or accessible for many. 
  • Work to create healthy communities, so we can all thrive.

Environmental and Sustainability Concerns

Climate change and protecting San Rafael’s natural environment is a critical responsibility for every elected official.

I will

  • Advocate for environment protections and support policies to reduce pollution
  • Support neighborhood-specific, sustainable development that addresses the diverse nature of each neighborhood.
  • Fight climate change with economically responsible solutions.

Equal and Inclusive Rights

Equal rights are human rights and must apply to all.

I will

  • Be a model for human respect.
  • Advocate for those who feel marginalized.
  • Protect human rights including equal pay for equal work. 

Developing and Supporting our Neighborhoods

Although a fairly small area, San Rafael has almost 25 neighborhoods. Each of these neighborhoods has residents who care about each other, have unique characteristics and a defined personality. The pandemic has brought our neighborhoods and communities closer. Neighbors are meeting each other, helping one another and staying close to home. We need to continue this change in behavior. Unfortunately, too many times we have lost sight of promoting and celebrating the uniqueness of these neighborhoods.

We have neighborhoods unique in history, we have neighborhoods unique in diversity, we have neighborhoods unique in access to nature, we have neighborhoods unique in access to public transportation. All of these features should be highlighted.  

I will

  • Use the work of the San Rafael 2040 General Plan to continue to work with the community to protect the neighborhood's character. 
  • Promote the neighborhood model to encourage local shopping, celebrations and protecting its uniqueness. 

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