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Elected Officials

Jared Huffman
Maureen De Nieva
Trustee San Rafael School District
Lori Frugoli
Marin County District Attorney
Mayor Kate Colin, City of San Rafael
Maribeth Bushey
Councilmember, City of San Rafael
Damon Connoley
Natalie Katz
Trustee, Mill Valley School District
Natu Tuatagaloa
Trustee San Rafael School District (Former)
Eli Hill
Councilmember, City of San Rafael
Eli Beckman
Councilmember, Town of Corte Madera
Marilyn Nemzer
Marin County Board of Education Trustee

Community Members & Friends

I’m so grateful for Rachel’s excellent leadership and care for all of San Rafael! — Lisa Doran
Rachel has been an invaluable advocate for all the residents of San Rafael: youth, families, and older adults. We need her experience and dedication on the City Council! — Caran Cuneo
I wholeheartedly endorse Rachel Kertz. She keeps her constituents in first place. She represents San Rafael on the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority and other important organizations. She is bright, dynamic and makes things happen. Rachel is a winner. — Cathryn Hilliard
Board Member, Southern Marin Fire District
I support Rachel Kertz for San Rafael City Council.  — Lisa Pavlovsky

 I have worked with Rachel on numerous projects and activities. She is committed, organized and willing to put in the hard work to make it happen. I would be honored to have Rachel as my City Council member representing District 4.  

— Moji Javid
I’m happy to endorse Rachel Kertz for city council district 4! We can count on her to be honest, transparent, and collaborative. She will be able to tackle the extremely difficult task of addressing the impact of climate change here in San Rafael while being fiscally responsible. Rachel will listen deeply, learn, and work with others to address the impact of racial inequity on our community. — Pamela Reaves
I am thrilled to endorse Rachel Kertz for San Rafael City Council District 4. She has the experience, skills and motivation to govern in an equitable, compassionate and just way. — Maxine Epstein
Go Mom! You are the right one for San Rafael City Council.  — Nathan Kertz
Rachel is the best candidate. She cares about our community, and puts that care and devotion above all else. We would be so lucky to have Rachel represent us. — Jodie Silberman
I've known Rachel for years in several of her leadership roles from school board to Marin JCC board and more. When she commits, she goes ALL IN just as she will for those of us who live in District 4. Thanks, Rachel! — Ellen White

Rachel understands and knows what is needed for our beautiful and diverse community. She will work tirelessly to address the issues of those who need more while keeping a careful eye on the well-being of all. I've lived in Marin my whole life and I've been a downtown San Rafael small business owner for 26 years. I would be honored to have Rachel as my City Council member. 

— Carol Kelly, Owner of Carol Kelly Designs

I think Rachel would be a fine addition.  You are a clear headed, action person, and someone who cares for our community.  I’m happy to share your name as a viable candidate for the office.

— Nicole Love, Community Member Mont Marin
Rachel's commitment to the community is outstanding. She's a good listener and a great problem solver. The more I work with her on our neighborhood association board, the more I appreciate her skills in making things happen. She would be a tremendous asset to the City Council. = Sarah McClendon, Mont Marin Community Member — Sarah McClendon
I known Rachel Kertz for over 20 years. I strongly recommend her because she saved and supported me and my son through all these years. — Shoaleh Farman
I have known Rachel for several years and find her to be thoughtful, intelligent, and dedicated to the community and its best interests. She is always willing to raise her hand to fill a need if it will help her neighbors and the wider community. She will make a welcome addition to the San Rafael City Council. — Martin Malkin
I know Rachel from my time on the Miller Creek school board working with the San Rafael School Board. Rachel is a problem solver and totally dedicated to students. — Bruce Abbott, Former Miller Creek School Board Trustee

I support Rachel Kertz for San Rafael City Council. 

— Will Hanamoto
Good luck, Rachel. You will be a great addition to the San Rafael City Council — Roberta Michels
I support Rachel Kertz for San Rafael City Council.  — Diana McKim
I've known Rachael for many years as a neighbor, fellow parent and friend. She has always put community first, which is sorely needed right now. She will be a tremendous asset to our city, and I endorse her whole-heartedly. — David Morrison
I have worked with Rachel on a number of projects to make our community a better, safer and more equitable place to live. She works hard for us and does so with the utmost integrity. I am honored to support Rachel for San Rafael District Council District 4. — Jeff Greendorfer
I have known Rachel for many years. She is a natural leader, thoughtful, trustworthy, honest, and caring. She will be an asset to the San Rafael City Council. Dena Lakritz — Dena Lakritz
I'm happy to be supporting Rachel and our Marin Women's Political Action Committee (MWPAC) supports her too! — Windi Snearly
I originally met Rachel through our son's baseball team. We quickly became friends and shared a commitment to our families and our communities. More recently I was able to watch Rachel on the San Rafael City School Board and found her to be both compassionate and highly productive. I strongly endorse Rachel for San Rafael City Council. — Nicole Burak
I support Rachel Kertz for San Rafael City Council.  — Stefan Burak

I support Rachel Kertz for San Rafael City Council. - Mont Marin Neighbor

— Shannon Jamison

I think you would make a great Council member. I will definitely support you and tell my friends and family. 

— Kim Revai

I support Rachel Kertz for San Rafael City Council. 

— Allan and Sydne Bortel
Happy to endorse Rachel:) — Michelle Kipper
I have known Rachel for many years. I taught both of her boys when they were in first grade. She spent countless hours volunteering both in my classroom and in the greater school community. I was delighted when she ran for the San Rafael School Board. I knew her passion for education and equity would result in positive outcomes for students Now that she is running for City Council, I know that her passion for her community, her tireless work ethic, and her organization skills will no doubt result in positive outcomes for the City of San Rafael. — Mimi Reddick, Teacher at Lucas Valley Elementary School*
I can think of no better candidate for San Rafael City Council's 4th District than Rachel Kertz. I've known Rachel for more than two decades, first as a colleague then as a friend. She is one of those rare people who thinks deeply and clearly, has the ability to understand and listen, consider both sides, and make the best decision for the good of all involved. I trust her, I admire her, and I would be proud to have her represent me in any situation. Passionate about the community, Rachel will continue to work for the betterment of students, parents, and the whole community as a member of the San Rafael City Council. — Julie Wilider
The only woman fit for the job :) — Violet Norman

Rachel is always available and responsive, thank you. 

— Paulette McDevitt, Community Member Mont Marin
I have known Rachel for a number of years, and in addition to being impressed with her work on the school board, I admire her as a person. I believe San Rafael would greatly benefit by having Rachel serve on its city council. — Kevin Smead
I am enthusiastically endorsing Rachel Kertz for San Rafael City Council. I have worked with Rachel on several boards and projects so I know how dedicated she is. She has a very strong work ethic and cares so much for her community. Rachel will be a huge asset to our city politics and I'm looking forward to the positive difference she will make. — Beth Silver
I am so happy that as a 1st time voter I will be able to vote for my Mom. She has always been there for me and for our community. Whether it is working at the homeless shelter or marching for renters' rights, she is always willing to help others.  — Ryan Kertz
Rachel is a candidate with integrity who will work hard to serve EVERYONE. She listens and is committed to improvement. She is reflective and makes decisions based on stakeholders input, data, and experience. Most importantly, she follows through and is a doer! I have watched Rachel lead in San Rafael City Schools for the past 7 years and she is fair, approachable, and extremely well respected. — Katy Dunlap, Principal Terra Linda High School*
I don't know anyone who works harder for the betterment of the citizens of San Rafael than Rachel Kertz. We have worked together on a number of committees and campaigns and when Rachel is on board, you know that everything will turn out well. — Joanne Greene
I support Rachel Kertz for San Rafael City Council.  — Aaron Bortel
I would like to endorse Rachel Kertz. — Tory O’keefe
I have watched Rachel grow and mature into a caring, nurturing, and dedicated woman who understands the importance of good public policy and investing today so that our community will benefit in the years to come. Rachel is committed to community building and, if elected, she will put her heart and soul into her civic duties. We can trust Rachel to do what’s right. Geza Kadar, retired attorney. — Geza Kadar
I've known Rachel for many years through various community organizations. She's exhibits the highest integrity, through thoughtful and dedicated actions that San Rafael an even better place to live and raise families. She will represent Terra Linda Area in a way that will best serve our community. — Norm Levin
Rachel Kertz has proven her dedication to the health and well being of our community with years and years of work and action. Her intelligence, leadership and values as a human being are aligned with everything that matters in today's world and the challenges we face. Rachel Kertz has my vote in spades. — Julie Fingersh
Rachel Kertz has been a tireless worker for affordable housing, housing for the homeless, immigrant rights and more, through her activities with the Marin MOC. As a member of the San Rafael School Board Rachel has advocated for all of our children education. — antoinette golbus
So excited to see your annoucement Rachel! The City of San Rafael would be very fortunate to have you as a Councilmember. — Michelyn French
I have worked with Rachel before and can say with assurance that she is the most qualified lady in town! — Mary and David Rabb
Toni and I think that Rachel would be an outstanding member of the San Rafael City Council. She has years of experience in serving the community on the school board, and had been involved in many other community projects and programs. — Mitchell Golbus
I have known Rachel for 13 years and she is a wonderful caring community leader. I was delighted to hear that she is running for San Rafael City Council, and I am grateful to endorse her as a small business owner in San Rafael. Michelle Leopold, Owner, Marin Ace Hardware — Michelle Leopold
I have worked with Rachel over many years for many local organizations. She is a stellar leader, combining wisdom, organization, caring and a kind heart. She is exactly what our city needs. I give her my full endorsement! — Cindy Ostroff
Jeff Greendorfer
Bruce Raful
Past President, San Rafael School Board
Loren Kertz


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